Amani & Moto (AM) promotes and advances strategic executive training to student-athletes to help them achieve personal, academic, and professional success as they navigate the stressful and time-consuming athletic life cycle. The AM brand aims to inspire athletes to navigate significant challenges and transitions in their lives to find resolutions and daily peace.

    Executive Coaching

    1:1 comprehensive strategic advisory service to student-athletes to support their academic, athletic, and career pursuits.

    Brand Management

    Brand Management for student-athletes looking to enhance their public profile and negotiate marketing and NIL opportunities.

    Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy Education training to institutions (e.g., NIL collectives, college and high school teams) to support student athletes’ knowledge of basic economics and personal finance.

    AM Sportswear Brand

    AM Sportswear sells athleisure apparel, footwear, and accessories online to inspire the next generation of athletes.

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